April 24, 2003
New Terminator 3 Trailer

The first T3 trailer I saw just screamed "retread", looking as if they'd just recycled the last plot and changed the actors. However, after seeing this newly released trailer, I think I'll have to upgrade the forecast from "complete waste of time" to "has potential." No more than that though. Still keeping my fingers crossed for Matrix 2.

Posted by scott at April 24, 2003 08:35 AM

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I'm interested too. I think Arnie is getting a bit long in thte tooth to be doing this... but don't tell him I said that... ;-)

Posted by: Dave on April 24, 2003 10:16 AM

Arnie is more than a bit to long in the tooth and I don't mind if you tell him. I aint skered of no actor I might be scared of Maria though. lol

Posted by: Pat Johnson on April 24, 2003 11:51 AM

two movies I AM looking forward to in the near future:

Matrix 2
X-men 2

both of the trailers look good, even if they're very vague on plot.... they look too heavy on the action. They're just trailers, though so it's hard to tell.

3 movies I'm sceptical about:

Matrix 3
Star Wars 3
Terminator 3

Must be something about the 3's. SW & Matrix are promised to be the "last" (yeah, right..... till the money dries up!) and I'm afraid of being 1) disappointed because they're not as good as they could or should be and 2) they won't be the last as promised (I HATE it when they do that! Kiss farewell tour, anyone???)

T3 just scares me because there really isn't that much room for a decent sequel. Sure, there's unlimited times they can rewrite the future so Arnie can come flying back to save the past in order to save the future. OR you can turn him back into the bad guy OR... oh, you get the point... but let's face it..... just like Highlander, there's only so many sequels you can write that are actually interesting.

Posted by: Jim S on April 24, 2003 02:14 PM
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