April 21, 2003
Wedding Ring: Anchor Chain or Lifesaver?

The Washington Post carried this summary of a new study that attempted to answer the age-old question "are married people really happier?" In a nutshell: according to this study, most people's happiness is not affected much either way by marriage, at least in the long term.

Posted by scott at April 21, 2003 08:29 AM

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Woo hoo, it's great to know what everyone's tax money is used for!! Well, this study IS a little more worthwhile than doing one on:

Is your ass happier sitting on a white or beige-colored crapper?

Posted by: Battie on April 21, 2003 10:10 AM

My ass would be happier on one that the seat was left DOWN at 3 am instead of my pregnant ass falling in it :)

Posted by: Ellen on April 21, 2003 07:29 PM

As long as it's flushed (which is the easy part of Toilet 101 for husbands). The hard part of Toilet 101 for husbands, is getting them to put the lid back down. Mine has passed that part, we have dogs that would partake if he didn't.

BTW, I don't do surveys.

Posted by: Cindy on April 21, 2003 11:40 PM

Cindy there are things about my granddogs that you simply don't have to share. lol Next time I get doggie kisses I will think about that comment. ROTF

Posted by: Pat on April 22, 2003 03:58 AM
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