April 17, 2003
The Real Atlantis

BBCnews is carrying this summary of a new expedition to the "lost city of atlantis", a mid-atlantic formation of white smokers unlike any other geothermal construction yet found.

Posted by scott at April 17, 2003 09:18 AM

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Do you truelly beleive that this could be Atlantis ? In a Pyramid in Eygipt, they beleived that there was a room ingulfed in water that contained the maps to the legendary Lost City. If this is Atlantis, then why have we herd nothing of the discovery in the news ?

Posted by: Mike Peterson on March 19, 2004 05:52 AM

I think Atlantis does exist because of all the info scientists have come up with and why woul Plato make something like this up!

Posted by: C.J MacKenzie on May 13, 2004 10:41 AM

I have read the article and I have a few questions how big are these vents. According to Plato Atlantis was 300 miles long and 200 miles wide. I am not saying that what he has wrote down is true, but it is all we have. Or you could go with the theory that Atlantis was infact Tantalis kingdom until Zues flooded it, if you believe this then "Atlantis" has already been found. Also some believe that Atlantis was and is Ireland. It has the same deminsions as Plato described and it is home to the oldest know roof in the world. If the people of Atlantis were as advanced as we believe they should have had roofs. If these vents are the same length and width it may just be Atlantis.

Posted by: Jack on September 18, 2005 01:00 AM
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