March 21, 2003
That's My Kind of Wrong Number!

Screwing up the digits of a phone number can have interesting results, especially when it's a helpline, that gets routed to a phone sex line.

Something similar happened to my workplace awhile back. We had a 1-800 number for our helpline, and a 1-888 number so people could call the office toll-free. The president of the board was trying to get the office but instead of dialing 1-888-[office number], she dialed 1-888-[helpline number]. The results were, shall we say, colorful.

Posted by scott at March 21, 2003 10:09 AM

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Quite a while back, one of the vendors I had to deal with had that issue... when you dialed 1-800, it was their marketing/inquiry line, but I also had direct numbers with the area code 1-xxx. When you dialed 1-xxx into the number that went with 1-800, it was a sex line.

they actually bought out the related phone numbers because their clients and brokers kept calling the 1-xxx and ending up on the sex line.... remember, I work in financial services, so it's a conservative old-school mentality... they want ZERO association with "that kind of thing."

Posted by: Jim S on March 21, 2003 01:44 PM
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