March 02, 2003

Ajax has some weird infection. Thursday night we come home from work and we have a white cat that is *covered- and I mean covered* in what seems to be mud, but it's not. We also find several cat cookies that have been tossed in various spots in the house.

After a bath with rinse and repeats with some shampoo, we thought all was well. Or so we thought.

Friday morning, no Ajax for breakfast. Shit, my cat is dead in the house somewhere I am thinking. No, he is hiding under the bed. He looks sick, and is acting sick. Great. My nice cat is ill. (I had this ugly feeling that one of them would fall apart before the baby came along)

So I take him to work with me and do the routine diagnostics for vomiting and diarrhea in cats, and start with some strong meds(everyone at the cat hospital thought Ajax was very handsome and sweet) to cool his digestive tract off along with some electrolyte replacement.

I get the bloodwork back on saturday and my sweet cat has very high liver enzymes, along with an elevated white cell count. Shit. Why the white cat!?

My poor kitty is on Denosyl (aka- SAM-E), metronidazole, Baytril and atenolol. I have to recheck his bloodwork in 2 weeks to make sure everythingis working well. If he does not eat, he gets a stomach tube.

So every kitty lover out there, say a prayer for my sweet white boy!

Posted by Ellen at March 02, 2003 07:49 PM

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Please tell Ajax his Grandma loves him and to feel better real soon. He is such a nice boy and I am soooo sorry he is sick.

Posted by: Pat on March 3, 2003 12:09 AM

Poor kitty!
Hope he feels better right away.

Posted by: Cindy on March 3, 2003 12:20 AM

Shadow, Tory, Indy and I are pulling for Ajax.

Posted by: Bogie on March 3, 2003 06:15 AM

Of course I'm sending healthy-Ajax-kittie-vibes his way ..... he's just such a sweetie!!

Posted by: Battie on March 3, 2003 09:27 AM


Posted by: MommaBear on March 3, 2003 03:15 PM
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