December 30, 2002
Nuclear Mishaps

Always read the comments! Found this interesting site in a slashdot comment that lists all the known nuclear weapon goofups that have ocurred involving US gear.

I'm sure the Russians have as many, if not more and more colorful, stories. Anybody know if they're listed anywhere yet?

Posted by scott at December 30, 2002 10:25 AM

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Check with your dad about a fire in a Titan missile silo under construction, I think the date was September 1964/1865. There was no missle in the hole but the cause of the fire was a dropped wrench. Sounds as if some of the facts about that accident and the one in 1980, that you reported, are mixed up. I vividly remember the explosion that was reported as in the 80s that blew the door off and the warhead landed close by but I don't think the date is right. The blast in the 60s killed over 50 people, including the uncle of a girl I was working with, all the loss of lives involved civilian construction workers.

Now you can buy a silo, I think someone converted one into a house, the birds are long gone of course. We think the world was a dangerous place now!

Posted by: Pat on December 31, 2002 06:21 AM
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