December 24, 2002
When White Cats Turn Blue

I decided that I wanted my downstairs room to be blue instead of red. So how do I spend Christmas Eve? Painting!

I was not counting on for a certain white cat to help.

Apparently, at some point, the white cat decided to rub up against the wall. Not just a nudge, not just a bunt, but a full-blown side rub. Now his left side is blue. We're talking his shoulders, his thigh/butt area and his tail. Nice and blue.

I still have half a room to go. Ran out of paint. Perhaps the cat will rub his right side against the wall so he'lll match his left?

Posted by Ellen at December 24, 2002 06:58 PM

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Do you have any of the red paint left? Perhaps you could have a red, white and blue kitty cat. LOL

Posted by: Pat on December 24, 2002 09:49 PM
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