December 19, 2002

Finally! I have found a site dedicated to cat puke!

How cool is that!?

Posted by Ellen at December 19, 2002 06:28 PM

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Oh, the joys of hairballs - what would I do without having to clean them up?

Posted by: Bogie on December 19, 2002 08:21 PM

OMG! I thought you were kidding.

If you'll pardon me for being serious, Iams Hairball Care dry cat food works as advertised. My long-haired cat used to have hairballs almost daily and nothing I used helped at all but I haven't had to clean up a hairball for more than a year now.

Posted by: Lynn on December 19, 2002 10:43 PM

Lynn: Been there - done that, didn't work for my cats but probably does for others. Only one of our cats will eat the hairball remedy "treats" and none will eat the malt flavor remedy. Oh well, the dogs try their best to help with the clean up!

Posted by: Bogie on December 20, 2002 05:31 AM
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