December 18, 2002
Damned if They Didn't Actually Do Some 'Splainin!

We got this in our "tell us about it" bin today:

Dear Neighbors,

First off, welcome to the neighborhood. I too have recently moved in and like it a lot here. I have to say, it is very interesting to read your blog every now and then. The banner on your cruiser is effective advertising. Again, welcome.

Now, on to my story. One day I came home from work, turned on my laptop, and went to fix dinner. I came back and the PC had detected a wireless signal and automatically connected me. SWEET! That snazzy Bill Gates and is swish XP. I saw this wireless signal as a gift from the networking gods. There are actually two networks that I detect in our neighborhood. The only one I can use is named "Wireless", so I assume that's you. There's a "francois1954", but I can't pick it up very well. I must say the "Wireless" signal is spotty at best and only works on the side of the house closest to you. It is fast, however, and super cool to surf away while watching Sunday football. Oh, and can you really beat instant messaging your buddies while taking care of business in the bathroom? I think not.

Now I honestly had no idea where this signal was coming from. I could only guess based on the strength of signal in different parts of the house that it was in your general direction. When you moved in I saw the banner on your car and started reading your diary. Somewhere in there you mentioned that you had a wireless LAN so at that point I assumed it was you.

[This Paragraph Removed to Avoid the Cable Police, *winkwink* *nudgenudge*]

I never had intention of hacking you or abusing your network. It was truly an accident that I came across the signal, and merely a convenience ever since. I suppose you’ve learned a lesson in WAP encryption, [CABLE POLICE AVOIDANCE TRIGGERED!]. You can reply to me or through the website… Chief Moose style


You’re Good Intentioned Not So Mysterious Neighbor (XXXXXX)


Personally, I'm amazed you were able to pick up the signal. Sometimes we have difficulty picking it up just upstairs! Serves me right for not implementing security in the first place. Thanks for the note, and we'll be getting back to you on the other thing via e-mail.

P.S. Ellen wants to know if you have a dog named Tucker?

Ain't that something?

Posted by scott at December 18, 2002 12:39 PM

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Well what do you know? More than one Geek in the neighborhood!!!

Posted by: Pat on December 18, 2002 03:22 PM
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