December 08, 2002
Cat Sitter Update

So last weekend we went and visited A, you know, the person who Ellen likes to cat-sit for all the time? So we're telling her what happened, talking about how the keys didn't work, and guess what...

Yup, that little minx took those keys, the same keys Ellen wanted to get Medieval on because of their obstinate refusal to Obey Our Imperial Majesty This Instant, walked to the door and without so much as a wiggle popped that door right open.

We were both sitting there, open-mouthed, for a good five seconds. Ellen finally asked "how did you do that?!?"

"Oh," A said with her characteristic cotton-candy bounce, not one ounce of malice in her voice, "there's this trick to my door..."

Posted by scott at December 08, 2002 05:26 PM

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yeah - seen the trick to the door. not too difficult, though. just jiggle it a bit. and a little minx? not sure minx would be the best creature to use to describe her. I prefer kitten. or maybe hunner-buns...

Posted by: ron on March 29, 2003 10:32 PM

Well now that she has the door fixed its not that hard at all! :) I still have 2 sets of keys to her place..just in case. Specially if I am going to steal Miss Num Num Nummy Nums Kippperrrrs!

Posted by: Ellen on March 30, 2003 09:09 AM
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