December 08, 2002

Right now, I don't need to fit into maternity clothing. I'm still good with what I have. What I did need was a kinder cut stocking to wear at work under my pants so my knees and ankles aren't the size of championship bowling balls by the end of the day.

So I walk into MotherHood Maternity in the mall. Just for stockings. If you go to JC Penny's for stockings and buy your normal size, one size up, they are guaranteed to fall off. All I needed was a set of stocking that were nice in the waist and tight everywhere else.

Of course the damn stockings are set right on the counter so the sales girl can talk to you. Shit. "Hi", she says. "Do you need help"? Me? no, I just wanted the stockings.

"Um, well, do you have full support stockings? Not just medium support?" I ask.

She rolls her eyes. "Are you pregnant?" No, I just like to shop in maternity stores, you stupid shit. "You are awfully small to be shopping here yet." I wanted to ask her if she was pregnant or did she just have a permanent fat ass.

"Well yeah, I'm just 11 weeks, but my support hose doesn't fit right in the waist anymore". I'm wondering if I have to go into detail that I'm on my feet for nearly 8 hours a day. We're talking Golden Gate Bridge-class support here.

Suddenly the other sales girl, who had obviously been listening, comes up and says. "Look at the time! Time for you lunch break right"? The other girl looked at her and left.

Now I have to deal with an apologetic sales girl who did nothing wrong, but had to run in to prevent something nasty from happening. Needless to say, she helped me pick out the right kind of stockings I would need for work to prevent 'pooling of blood' in my lower extremities.

I even found out she was due on June 27th also. So she was rather excited to help me pick out the items I needed.

I should've asked her for the hours she worked, so I wouldn't have to deal with the 'other' girl again.

All of this, for a pair of stockings.

Posted by Ellen at December 08, 2002 03:39 PM

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Been there. But, I was on the other end. I was only - what? - 3 weeks pregnant and I looked further along (second baby). When I went in to Motherhood I got some dopey kid without a clue who said "Oh, I thought you were, like, uh, 6 or 7 months along. I was wondering why you needed to buy new dresses with so little time left." That girl was tossed out on her ass the next day by the other sweetie who witnessed the whole thing and came to my rescue.

Where do they get these clueless people???

Posted by: Da Goddess on December 8, 2002 04:50 PM

They are just kids, they learn and I was so super sensitive when I was pregnant I would cry at the Budweiser Christmas commercials.

Posted by: Pat on December 8, 2002 04:55 PM

I agree that that salesperson should be booted out, or at the very least be counseled! If you work in retail (and I did my stint for nearly four years, Friday night, Saturday and Sunday in the mall (explains much)) then you should be sensitive to the people who are your customers! If your customers aren't happy, then your boss isn't either.
(side note: BTW, I quit my retail job to spend more time with my son.)

Posted by: Cindy on December 9, 2002 12:26 AM
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