November 22, 2002
9 Weeks

Today is the official 9 week marker. Yeah ok, more changes. My body has finally decided that I deserve some cleavage (it's not just Scott doing the boob dance out in the front yard either!) Just a little so far, but enough to notice a bounce when I go down the steps at home or work (weird huh?) Ok, I know, I am weird to announce that I have boobs, but you see if you have never started off with much and all of a sudden they are there you can't help yourself but to show it off!

My low rider jeans are getting uncomfortable. My ass is obviously getting bigger, not much, but the work out to get pants on is much longer now. I have graduated to a 45 minute aerobic workout vs the 30 minute one.

According to the book, my waist line is starting to thicken. No shit. I thought it was just all the damn junk food I was eating. I FINALLY got my semi-chocolate taste back via Klondike Bars (*drool*). Am I going to cut out chocolate? FUCK NO! Soda? NOPE. I just follow my daily allowance on it and don't go further. Why make myself miserable for 9 months telling myself I can't have something?

Next week will be exciting for us. Only 5 days to go and we hopefully get to see or hear a heartbeat the day before Thanksgiving.

Posted by Ellen at November 22, 2002 05:27 PM

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Exciting times now, exciting times ahead.

Posted by: Pat Johnson on November 22, 2002 06:36 PM

Congrats on that boob thing!

Are you getting morning sickness at all? Are your feet swelling up?


Posted by: maru on November 22, 2002 10:09 PM

Somethings are right in the world.
Don't worry if they don't get the heartbeat the first time. Those jelly bellies move quick and sometimes just don't want to be heard or felt for a while.
I cried the first time I heard JT's. Literally went to my gut.
The boob thing isn't that good if you already had a bunch to start with. But good if you didn't (especially for those men).

Posted by: Cindy on November 23, 2002 12:23 AM
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