November 09, 2002
7th Week Woes

I started my 7th week as of yesterday. According to my on-line baby calender, the cellular bundle they call a fetus/embryo is the size of a small raspberry. It also stated I still won't be seeing any physical signs of a pregnancy yet. Yeah right! Obviously they are not a size 5/6! At the smallest sign of having to pee (before I got pregnant) my bladder protruded from my abdomen. And after a large meal, I had a distended stomach that was painful to look at.

This is where trying on pants is a bad thing. Thank the Gods I saved my pants when I was a 7 a few years back. Jumping up and down attempting to yank a pair of pants over your hips then laying on the bed, sucking in all of your air and attempting to button your pants results in a small aerobic workout.

So I purchased my first pair of maternity pants last week for work. Low riders. Got to be stylish. BUT, when I went to the store, they had to go in the back and get a pair of pants for me. Apparently, since the average American woman is not a size 6, they really don't keep that many on the shelf I am told by the saleswoman. But, she says not to worry, I am allowed to walk into A Pea In the Pod or Mimi Maternity and get a pair of pants that will make me comfortable and yet 'grow' into them.

Changes? Body changes, they are happening. I have cellulite showing again. I worked so hard to get rid of the jiggle, and now even though I am still very tight, the backs of my thighs and ass are starting to rebel against me. So there I am slapping on lotions with vitamin E, and collagen and other anti-stretch mark goodnesses in them. Scott keeps asking me when the magic boobs are going to show up. I dunno, one day I suppose.

Hormoes are evil evil things. I cry at Geico commercials, and silly cat litter ads. Scott still thinks I am just plain evil at all times and have not changed a bit. BUT crying at a Geico commercial (not just tearing up, full blown BOO-HOO's) is a funny thing to him.

Having to remain sober at all times sucks ass in the worst way. We had guests over last night for dinner and a movie (Demon Wurkz). Alcohol was involved. Scott bought me 'near beer' O'Doules so I would not feel left out. I did. Nasty, nasty stuff. It tasted like Budweiser. Mind you this is coming from a girl who is very passionate about Guiness. From drinking road tar to dog piss is a big difference to me.

I will have to say that Scott bought a very special bottle of wine last night and I had some. *GASP!!* Yeah, I did. I had it in this small ass glass that resembles a liquor shot glass with a stem on it. So Good!! Still I felt special. Do I feel I hurt my little raspeberry in anyway with that? Nope.

Sleep is an essential thing. Except when you find you are sleeping an entire day away because you are so tired you can't remain awake. Exercising is hard. I've attempted a yoga tape, I fell asleep on the floor only to wake up mid tape. There is no energy. My form of exercise now is going up and down the steps in my house and at work.

7 weeks in, 33 to go.

Posted by Ellen at November 09, 2002 09:53 AM

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It is going to get better, I promise! By the end of the first trimester your exhaustion will pass, in the mean time just go to bed and rest. Please be careful on those devil stairs. Your center of gravity is changing and you can tumble so easily.

{{{{Ellen & Jelly Belly}}}}

Posted by: Pat on November 9, 2002 10:51 AM

dont be shitting on the Budweiser

Posted by: richie on November 9, 2002 02:37 PM

Everything eventually shows up when your pregnant (at least it does when you're a size over 10). Do not even complain about it at 7 weeks, you've got a long way to go baby.
I just did what I could (which was everthing I had to do). The rest waited until I got around to it or Jeff got tired of or needed it.
As for the booze. I LOVE/WORSHIP/CRAVE chocolate in the worst ways, but avoided it all together for my little bundle from the 6th week until after he was three months old. I had it sparingly until I finished breast feeding at 10 months. If I can do it for the little one, then you can too. I believe in you, put your mind to it!

Posted by: Cindy on November 9, 2002 11:47 PM


My dear wife and I don't drink much so giving up alcohol during her pregnancy wasn't a big deal. Sparkling Apple Cider made a passable champagne substitute for special occassions until it started making her sick near the end of her 2nd trimester.

Caffine however was a totally different story. My wife swore off coffee, soda, and chocolate for the duration. I was allowed to partake as long as I didn't do it in front of her. But I pretty much gave it all up just because sneaking out to the garage to eat a handfull of M&Ms and then brushing my teeth so she wouldn't smell them on my breath just felt wrong.

I remember when she decided to stop breast feeding she woke up the next morning stumbled into the kitchen and was pouring herself a glass of milk when she spotted me feeding one of the twins from a bottle, suddenly she realized that she was no longer the babies main food source.

My dear kind loving wife whipped around so fast it almost gave me whiplash, and with eyes that glowed red she demanded in a deep gravely voice "I want Pepsi, Chocolate and coffee and I want them now".

Fortunately you can get all three at the same quickstop gas station. So I was back home again in about 15 minutes and am therefore alive today to be telling this boring story.

For some strange reason my sweet wife didn't sleep well that night. She claimed it was discomfort caused by stopping the breast feeding. I wisely didn't disagree.

Posted by: David on November 12, 2002 04:31 PM

Heh. Glowing eyes, light-speed double-takes. Sounds like my wife already. Did yours spin her head around? :):):)

Posted by: scott on November 12, 2002 07:41 PM

Maternity pants already!
Are you sure you are not carrying twins? Remember your grandma is a twin!

Posted by: Aunt Donna on November 12, 2002 08:27 PM

Guinness to nothing.... Ohmygodthey'rerightthehumanraceWOULDdieoutifmenhadtosufferthroughpregnancy!!!!!

Relax, sweetie, it's all worth it in the end.... just ask my wife...

Posted by: Jim S on November 13, 2002 09:13 AM

You shouldn't drink ANY alcohol! It goes straight to the fetus and is incredibly harmful, no matter how small the amount! Think how small the fetus is at 7 weeks!

Posted by: Pookie on December 30, 2002 09:41 PM

This is so funny! It's odd the things that move us when we're pregnant and then all these months later, I'm betting a whole new set of challenges is absorbing your focus! No booze is correct; at a particular point in gestation, 2 Tbl of wine can cause irreversable brain damage -- isn't that amazing?! Now you're in your 7th/8th month and preparing for birth and hopefully, breastfeeding (it keeps the magic boobs around a lot longer). I hope you've had a comfortable pregnancy and the loss of your size 6 body wasn't too much of a shock! :) Good luck to you on the best experience of your life!

Posted by: luvmeyegirls on April 11, 2003 09:05 AM

you've got to be kidding me. Am i supposed to feel bad that you had to move up one junior size in your clothes, and that you are "forced" to shop in Pea in a Pod, one of the most expensive maternity stores? don't worry--once the baby's here you can get a nanny and get back to what seems really important to you--you.

Posted by: Poozhunny on August 14, 2004 08:40 AM

Get over is Poozhunny. Go comment your nastiness elsewhere. If you can't get over her expressing her feelings, then obviously you don't have a healthy outlook on life.

Posted by: Andrea on August 14, 2004 03:15 PM

Whatever Pooz. As if I really care what you think.

Posted by: ellen on August 14, 2004 03:18 PM
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