November 04, 2002
Finally, an Auction I Want My Mom to Poach

MiG-21, anyone? The "outruns an F-16" is a bit much, but I like that it comes with rocket pods! Where's my checkbook...

Posted by scott at November 04, 2002 08:18 AM

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I am a SNIPER not a poacher!!! I snipe eBay auctions and will be very happy to give you lessons in the fine art of sniping. Poaching - Geeze

Posted by: Pat on November 4, 2002 09:05 AM

Our yard isn't big enough for a runway (unless we have a catapult and a snatcer, such as the carriers). Now, you find a Harrier ... we can talk (but I get to fly it too).

Posted by: Cindy on November 5, 2002 12:55 AM
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