October 25, 2002
Mini Vacation

We will be out of town as of today 'till Sunday. Scott and I are going to Cape May, NJ for my cousin's wedding. So this is sort of a mini vacation for us since we have a 2 night stay.

So no posts till Sunday!!!

My cats? - well Miss Amber is going to come by 2x's per day to feed and medicate them! See! Special! They have their own personal cat sitter.

BTW- thanks for all the congrats. I appreciate it. This is a big step for us. 5 cats and a jelly belly (as my southern mama calls it) right now. :)

See you all Sunday!!! I know we will be itching all weekend to put posts up! If you still want to check us out, check the archives! :) Guaranteed to keep one busy for hours.

UPDATE: Don't forget, mom's watching, so behave yourselves --Scott

Posted by Ellen at October 25, 2002 06:52 AM

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