September 11, 2002
Tar Baby

I have an ugly feeling that today may be Tar Baby's last day. He has been having a very difficult at night remaining comfortable. He has always breathed a bit funny, but last night was very different.

He is still pink, not purple in color. Which tells me he is getting plenty of oxygen. His lungs sound clear, no hear murmur. He does have a slowed peristalsis (slow intestinal motility) this morning. Last night his belly was rumbling so loud you could hear it laying next to him. He slept with me all night. He no longer is interested in food, even though I will still stomach tube him whether he likes it or not to keep him hydrated until work this morning.

He just can't seem to get comfortable. About an hour of fidgiting and propping him into many postitions he will usually chose the most uncomfortable one for me, but perfect for him. Oh well, comes with the job. He can't cry. He has a silent meow now.

Today, I will have him looked at again. Most likely give him fluids under his skin (IV too big for him) and maybe stomach tube him some barium (radiopaque solution) and see if his intestines are still moving and maybe catch a deformity in there.

But, I do think I may have fading kitten syndrome.

The last thing I want to do is put him in Forever Sleep. If it comes to that though, and he is suffering and I can't fix it. Then thats what I will do.

Everything comes in 3's. Tar Baby will be the 3rd if all does not go right.

Cross your fingers for him.

Posted by Ellen at September 11, 2002 05:46 AM

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