September 08, 2002
Tar Baby Udate

Tar Baby gets cuter every day. He is so much smaller than the last kitten. So much smaller that I can close my hand over him and you can't tell I have a kitten in my hand. Still so cute, you can't help but loving him a bit more since he has so many problems.

He finally realized that the stomach tube REALLY REALLY means he will get fed. He gets so excited about the tube that he will try to nurse from it like a bottle. He has such a poor suck reflex that I am tempted to purchase a $20 kitten bottle for him to try out. It's not like any other kitten bottles I have seen. So I may splurge on it for him.

He is also starting to lose his hair on his wrists from all the rubbing moving around in his basket. Next week is xrays on the feet so we can see what is going on.

He is also learned how to roll over on his back to have his chest and belly rubbed. Very cute.

I'll keep you posted.

Posted by Ellen at September 08, 2002 09:39 AM

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