September 06, 2002
Kitten Update ala Tar Baby Style

Tar Baby is doing good today. He has finally had a good day.

He managed to sleep 3.5 hours last night without getting up. Probably because he was sleeping with me in bed wedged between my right arm and side. He has to sleep sitting up or at least at a 45 degree angle. Makes the breathing easier.

He has also figured out that the stomach tube means FOOD. It's rather sad to watch though. It's also not as easy as you would think. Kittens do not attain a gag reflex until about 10 days old. Measuring a stomach tube is easy. You measure from the mouth to the last rib. That's how much of the tube should be inserted to the kitten (I use a #3 french red rubber stomach tube). If you feel resistance, you are in the trachea... not a good thing. Want to drown a kitten quickly? Stomach tube it the wrong way.

You want a nice smooth entry. That indicates you are in the right area of the throat. (Why does this sound like I'm talking about sex?) Most kittens will realize it's food and will want to eat right away. Feeding needs to be about every 2-3 hours.

They THINK he may have hydrocephalus (he has a bit of a bulby head). BUT he is on antibiotics and is doing remarkably well.

He is also really starting to respond to my touch. More so than before.

He goes everywhere we do. He went to the liquor store tonight and picked out whiskey sour mix with Scott and he also decided that we should eat Chinese food.

The oscar thinks the kitten would make a rather tasty treat. We say no. Potential hydrocephalus, deformed front limbed, cleft palated kittens DO NOT taste good.

The oscar begs to differ. We will put a brick on the oscar's tank tonight so he can't get out.

Posted by Ellen at September 06, 2002 09:08 PM

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