September 05, 2002
Kitten Update

Well, kitten officially has become the hospital oddity. They had me put a file of him in my name since I'm his primary care giver and start and actual history with him today. We even had to name him. Sooo..being a black cat and not wanting him to have a 'normal' black cat name, I decided to name him Tar Baby. NO, I'm not racist! I just think Tar would be a neat name for a cat(shadow, midnight ect..are too common), but right now he is a baby so I just tacked that on the end of it. You can think of it any way you want. Kiss my ass, the name is not changing.

According to his exam, heart/lungs normal, eyes-unsure, ears- he has 2 of them, abdomen normal, oral/nasal-cleft palate with skin membrane over the cleft, extremities- fused carpus(wrist), both right and left.

I got a bit adventerous and decided to ask if it was OK to click an xray for a full body shot. Couldn't hurt. Everything inside looks OK. We cant see his arms or legs past the elbows or the knees though on the xray. Too small at this point. My goal next week, if he is still alive, is to use the dental xray machine to take pictures of his feet and wrists. Itty, bitty film meant for alveolar bone and teeth is perfect for small kitten feet.

Remarkably, his skull rads look great. He has a normal brain cavity and eye sockets. Nothing too big or too small. All of his problems, other than his wrists seem to be soft tissue. The cleft palate can be fixed. The wrists right now, not so sure. If they are totally fused with no small carpal bones, then we will not be able to break and refuse his legs the right way. If we can fix it. Hey, it will get done. If not, he will compensate.

I will keep you posted.

Posted by Ellen at September 05, 2002 08:24 PM

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This Kitten sounds fab! I can't wait to hear more on how he's doing:)

So... I was reading down (catching up) and I noticed you made a sideways comment on people having outdoor cats, "and why do you? thats another article for me to write."

I've received a recent version of the (too often heard) lecture, "Cat's are wild animals and it's wrong to keep them inside."

I have to say (not to incite a riot) but I'm looking forward to your article (when you have time) and to having a credible source to reference.



Posted by: Daphne on September 6, 2002 03:02 AM
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