September 04, 2002
Moving Foward

Phew!! I got a call from my realtor that the people we are buying a house from OK'd the needed fixes to the house.

In case I did not fill you in, we needed to have a few things fixed.

1. 2 small gas leaks. One to the hot water heater, and one to the meter outside the house. *yay..I have a chain smoking neighbor 2 houses down* I don't LIKE gas leaks. I don't like the idea of a gas run house either. But hey, I compromised. Scott moved to the burbs, therefore I will live with gas heat ect...
2. 2 attic tresses were damamged. HELLO! my roof will one day fall in if not fixed.

The only thing that did not bother us was a small lack of insulation in the garage. Scott and I can fix that with no problem. Spray insulation is a good thing.

So just to let you all know. We are set to close on the house September 20th! We will FINALLY be home owners, and my cats will get 3 levels!

Posted by Ellen at September 04, 2002 12:44 PM

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congratulations & crossed fingers!

Posted by: Jessa June on September 4, 2002 03:16 PM

Don't think you have to worry about an outside gas leak. You may have to worry about your neighbor counting cats.

Posted by: Pat on September 5, 2002 03:55 PM
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