September 03, 2002
New Bloggity-Blog-Blogs

We've decided to link up two new blogs in our "blogs of note": Amish Tech Support and The Norwegian Blogger.

Amish Tech Support is run by Lawrence Simon, an MIS guy with a cracked view of the world. I mean, anyone who's willing to put up this picture of himself on the web has to be able to laugh at the world, ya know? Like our site, a collection of quickies interspersed with occasional essays, it's a funny look at life from a Jewish cat lover in Houston, TX. I mean, if the words "Jewish", "cat lover", and "Houston, Texas" don't give you a sympathetic chuckle you must be made of stone. He's not quite as angry as Ellen, well ok I don't think anyone's even vaguely as angry as Ellen, but some of his stuff seems to come from the same place. I know he makes me laugh, and we all need a good giggle every once in awhile.

The Norwegian Blogger claims to be the Jerry Springer of Norway. That's not a typo, and yes it makes my eyes cross too. I got the impression after seeing a piece on that oh-so-objective source of information, 60 minutes, that Norwegians were this bunch of polite, rational people who party a lot so they don't shoot themselves or each other during the long, dark winter months in their home country. His blog hasn't (yet) proven this impression wrong, but I only discovered it today (via, again, yourish). He provides a refreshingly different viewpoint on just about everything under the sun. See Diplomacy 101 for his take on how Americans should really talk to Europeans, and why.

Give both a try today! Tell 'em we sent ya :).

Posted by scott at September 03, 2002 02:13 PM

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