August 29, 2002
Feline Leukemia Support

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I have this CD and its too cute. How wonderful is it to write music about that special cat that when it leaves you, left a 'cat shaped hole in your heart'. Buying this CD sends money for research into feline leukemia.

All of the songs on the CD are about cats that have passed from the disease.

All cats with feline leukemia (felv) will die from the disease. All usually from lymphoma. Most kittens with the disease do not see thier first birthday. Many cats CAN be supported with the disease with good medical care/medication and lots of love. I am watching it happen with a clients cat.

The more money for research, the more we can do for cats with FELV.

Posted by Ellen at August 29, 2002 07:46 PM

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My mother lost a kitten to FELV. It was incredibly sad. We'll never forget poor Sophie.

Posted by: Jessa June on August 30, 2002 04:19 PM

At least you all loved her! :)

Posted by: Ellen on August 30, 2002 05:27 PM
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