August 28, 2002
Maru's Back!

Finally Maru is back and maybe she will update her site!!!! We miss your Bush bashing!!!

Anyhow, Maru has sent me this small story about a cat named "Squirrel".

Seattle computer programmer Boris Tsikanovsky told the San Jose Mercury News in April that he hass developed software that will stop his cat, Squirrel, from bringing animal prey into the house when he's not at home.
Squirrel can enter though a special door via a magnet on her collar and had been hiding dead mice and birds in the furniture. Consequently, Tsikanovsky developed imaging software, with a camera by the door, that permits Squirrel to enter only if her pixeled profile shows nothing in her mouth. [San Jose Mercury News, 4-28-02]

Now if he'd only develop something that'll keep dogs from rolling in the dead stuff the cats leave outside! LOL

Thanks Maru!!!

Posted by Ellen at August 28, 2002 03:15 PM

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Actually, we linked up to this in March:

Better Cats Through Science.

Still, fun to revisit!

Posted by: scott on August 28, 2002 03:57 PM
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