August 24, 2002
From the Archives: Real Science

Ok, this story about how some fundies in GA are getting creationism back in schools leads me to link up my own essay on the subject, Real Science. An excerpt:

I'm here to provide you with a simple set of tools to argue rings around the wacks that will try to impose their particularly cracked view of both science and religion not on you, but on your kids. So listen up people. It's us against them, and right now they're the only ones paying attention.

It's not that creationism is wrong (it is), it's just not science.

Posted by scott at August 24, 2002 07:03 PM

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Why are these things always in the South? Don't any wackos live on the East Coast? I would think there would be some lively discussion over this on your site, maybe not.

Posted by: Pat Johnson on August 26, 2002 08:08 AM
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