August 19, 2002
Why He Loves His Cat

RachelLucas wrote up a thing about why she loves her gun, which triggered this little ditty on why Mr. Simon loves his cat. Just goes to show cat owners are not all psychos. Oh, wait...

Posted by scott at August 19, 2002 08:40 AM

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Here are some cats.

Posted by: Thom on August 19, 2002 09:48 AM

look ellen! the last one is jabba!

*jabba is lovie's new name*

Posted by: neenah on August 19, 2002 09:50 AM

Dude! what the fuck!! The cat has no hair Thom!!

Make it lose weight so it can clean its tubby ass kitty self! :):)

Posted by: Ellen on August 19, 2002 06:27 PM
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