August 18, 2002

Yeah, Ok, I turned 26 today. Shit! Where did the time go? I remember being in high school, college ect.. When I look back, it does not seem like a long time ago, but it is. College was 6 years ago! *ack!!*

I did have a good B-day. I got cards of course, some phone calls, and of course PreSSies!! I LOOOVE pressies.

Hrmmm..."what did you get Ellen?" Oh! such a question to ask me! I will tell you.

I got money! *thanks to all the relatives that sent me a few bucks to add to the cat fundage! :)*
I got a gold bangle from my Southern Mama! *bangles are neat things...the more the merrier!* This is my first real gold bangle and it is a NICE one :) I also got a card from the "Grumpy Old Man"-aka Corky the wiener dog!

Now I will say I am spoiled by many people. 2 of which are very guilty of it *you KNOW who you are :)* I am so spoiled that I got a pair of diamond earrings (of course from Scott) for my B-day. *sweet huh?* Nice big diamonds too. Nice enough to see that it is ALL diamond on a small post. Not a set that you are like " is there a diamond hidden in that silver bracket placed on the gold post?" This is a sweet set. I love sparkley stuff! I was a crow in my former life* Everyone needs a husband like Scott. Everyone I know always wonders how I make out with such neat pressies. Ok, my secret: I got a Southern Mama that will STEER her boy in the right direction and give him no other option, PLUS I tell people at work *to see their eyes bug out* that marrying an older man makes you all set for you personal "sugar daddy". ** EvIl Grin!** Everyone NEEDS a Southern Mama. Especially one that loved you from Day 1. XXXOOO *Thanks Again Mama!!!*

My cats did not shit on my carpet, which was a nice B-day gift. :) Thanks P.U.S.S.!!!! :) Oskar is also behaving today too. *sigh of relief*

All in all, thanks to all that wished me a Happy B-day. It gives me a warm fuzzy!

Posted by Ellen at August 18, 2002 07:24 PM

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I loved you from the moment Scott said "Mom, this is Ellen!" Must have been your Yankee charm or perhaps because now I am not the only "short" person in the family. James doesn't count, he is going to grow! LOL

I am so pleased you are pleased with the bangle bracelet.

Posted by: Pat on August 19, 2002 03:24 PM

Happy birthday, Ellen (a teensy bit late)!

Posted by: Jessa June on August 19, 2002 07:26 PM
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