August 14, 2002
Kitten Update

Sausage now has green diarrhea. Green frothy diarrhea. *yummy!- especially if he shits on you*

He has also decided that he does not want to eat as much as usual. Most likely due to the upset belly. This is normal. Kittens on formula tend to go through this horrific problem.

Scott has also decided to 'help' this kitten open his eyes all the way. My friend Amber came over for dinner. I went downstairs * Scott thought we were making out but after I let her out of the parking garage, I got the mail* and came back up,and the kitten's eyes were open ALL THE WAY. Now when I left they were 3/4 the way open.

This could only mean one thing. Scott PEELED his eyes open the rest of the way. *he has this bad habit of doing that*

More kitten updates to come!

Posted by Ellen at August 14, 2002 09:28 PM

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When baby people get diarrhea we stop all formula and give them only pedilyte until it stops to keep them from dehydrating. Usually green is an indication of some sort of bacteria. Surely you have something similiar for kitten tummies.

Thanks for sharing, I needed to know all of that. Hit Scott with his new cast iron skillet for opening little ones eyes.

Posted by: Pat on August 14, 2002 10:14 PM

Wait...Scott *P*E*E*L*E*D* the little kitty's eyes open?! That sounds kinda painful!?

Posted by: Dawn on August 15, 2002 02:31 AM

No. Ellen always makes me sound like some concentration camp doctor. The corners of the eyes can sometimes take an extra week to open. Sometimes they'll open on the sides but not in the middle (which bothers me a *lot*). Pull on the tip of your finger until the nail pulls slightly away from the finger. That's how hard I pulled. Trust me, with this kitten at least, if it felt any discomfort at all everyone on the block would've known. He's fine, I still don't understand why she gets so upset.

Posted by: scott on August 15, 2002 08:07 AM

Simple solution: Leave the kitty's eyes alone or rather leave future Kitty's eyes alone. Don't understand why men don't understand this.

Posted by: Pat on August 15, 2002 10:08 AM

Scott, leave kitty be. He will open his eyes on his own time.

But I'm still stuck on the line "Scott thought we were making out." Excuse me? Huh? I feel confused.

Posted by: Michelle on August 15, 2002 10:46 AM

Ellen has a friend named Amber. They're such close friends people mistake them for a lesbian couple. It's happened often enough that it's become a running joke around here.

Posted by: scott on August 15, 2002 11:24 AM

So little sausage baby is sick, give him lots of love for me!! I miss creamsicle, I only hope the team at Banfield is still taking care of him.


Posted by: Jaime on August 21, 2002 09:36 PM
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