August 08, 2002
Kitten Update

My little sausage is growing more every day. His new family is so excited about him that they have already started to pick out names.

He is starting to change color a bit. By this I mean his pink toes are starting to change. They are becoming black. Its very cute to watch this. Everyday his toes are darker.

He now eats about a ounce of kitten formula in a sitting. Big difference than on saturday when I could hardly get him to eat at all.

This little guy just amazes me and Scott and I find ourselves comparing him to Coconut *they look alike*

I'll continue postings on the kitten.

Posted by Ellen at August 08, 2002 08:47 PM

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I am so glad you have found a good home for him. Sounds as if you better get him there in a hurry before both of you get too attached.

Posted by: Pat on August 8, 2002 11:24 PM
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