August 07, 2002
Kitten Update

Sausage is now 5 days old. He was born August 2nd.

This little kitten has really grown in that time. He is starting to look more 'cat' like. His face is not longer super flat, his ears are starting to creep up his head and his tail is not as stubby.

It has also learned to tell the difference between me and everyone else. Which is rather sweet and flattering. Everyone at work likes to mess with this kitten. My rule is every 2 hours you can mess with him. Nothing else or you will get him off his schedule.

Currently I am up every 2 hours to feed and get this kitty to potty. I am used to the schedule. It does not bother me *have to get up and pee anyway myself*. BUT when somone he does not know or is uncomfortable with, he will not purr. He gets all still and will cry. All I have to do it take him back and put him against my face and he purrs. Sweet huh? He does not like to take his bottle from anyone else either. *they just don't know how to get him to sit up right and hold the bottle properly*

His eyes and ears are still shut. They will open within a week,maybe sooner. Scott and I have had lots of luck with our babies developing faster since we handle them a great deal. Right now the Oscar fish is bigger than this baby.

He has a home already. One of my mom's friend wants a new baby, even better a bottle baby. The best part is that the kitten shares the same b-day as her daughter. So he is even more special to them. They have done bottle babies before and are ready to take on another one.

I will keep you posted.

Posted by Ellen at August 07, 2002 07:31 PM

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that cat better like gail. if he's all attached to you i don't think thats a good thing...i dont think she wants a little whiny rat.


Posted by: on August 7, 2002 09:49 PM
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