August 05, 2002
Kitten Update

I have decided to dub kitten 'Sausage' right now. Why? Well duh, it looks like a sausage. Except it's a very noisy sausage.

It has survived its first day in a leather backpack without much fuss. *It's a good thing to have an extra bag of IV fluids laying around. Heat it up and it's the purrfect heating element to keep a kitten warm!*

This kitten though knows when it has been exactly 2 hours. It wakes up in 2 hours on the dot for its next meal and ass wipe.

I will have to say you tend to laugh out loud no matter what time of night it is when you clean this baby up. He streeeetcches his back legs all the way out when you make him go potty. It is a strange sight.

Hopefully this baby will have a home soon. My mom has a friend at work that is looking for a new kitten and wants one that needs extra care. *WOOOHOO!!! goes Ted!* Ted hates anyone else that takes attention away from him.

I will keep you all posted.

Posted by Ellen at August 05, 2002 06:18 PM

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How to grow a kitten in easy lessons. I love these posts Ellen, especially the description of baby kitten ears. LOL Really good writing!!

Posted by: Pat on August 6, 2002 10:14 PM
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