August 05, 2002
Lost Jingles

Ted wears jewelry. Lots of it. Lots of jingles. He has to, he is naughty. He likes to torment Coconut and sneak up on her.

Jingles prevent him from doing so. Or so I thought until about 5mo ago. *why the hell is she writing about something 5 mo ago?* I found his 'lost' collar in the closet yesterday while looking for a certain backpack for my new kitten I'm caring for.

This was Ted's ultimate collar. His angel jingle, his *I take heart meds* jingle, his *I have heart disease* jingle, his name jingle ect... a total of 5 jingles, plus a bell.

He has been wearing the 'back up' collar with a single bell and a St. Francis of Asisi jingle for the past several months.

I asked him why he lost his collar, " I don't like it!" he says. "Why not? You need to wear this. What if you get lost in the hallway and someone snatches you up and doesn't know who you are and that you have a heart problem?" " I DON'T CARE!! Mama!! (in his very southern voice). "You need to put this back on." I tell him. "NO!!! I don't like it! I hate it! HATE IT GOOD!". * everything is such an opera with him*

I don't blame him for not wanting to wear it. It is an elaborate collar that must be very heavy to wear. So I just put it aside.

I need to find Ted a new collar. The one he is wearing now is showing wear and tear on it. I'm looking for a "Coach" leather collar for him. Let me know if any of you see one out there for a cat.

Posted by Ellen at August 05, 2002 04:21 PM

eMail this entry!

Do a google search for Coach Pet Collars and you will come up with a bunch of stuff.

Posted by: Jeff on August 5, 2002 04:44 PM

I will have to look for one. I want something studly and dangerous! Thanks for the info!

Posted by: Ted the Cat on August 5, 2002 06:27 PM
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