August 04, 2002

This seems to be an ongoing discussion among many women in a group. I know I have heard it, been part of it, very curious about it ect..

WHY do men either prefer tits OR ass. From what I have been told by many men, they prefer one or the other. It's almost NEVER both.

Recently in a past issue of Playboy magazine *yes, I got Scott a subscription* there was a small excerpt saying that the models they pick are not surgically enhanced with silicon. *yeah right* My question is this. How come EVERY model is the SAME size. 36D, 24W, 36H. No matter what she looks like, even if she has really small boobs *very rare* or these giant ga zungas that are bigger than the average human head. They are all the same size. Mind you that all the women *most* in Playboy have gravity defying boobs. Especially in the *thin* girls. I have seen average looking women, with soft lines ect..but you can TELL they are not a size 6* for one they have the natural "sag"*.

Why don't they just fess up that they use the same size for each woman? Is this the IDEAL proportions that men want? As long as they read it as the measurement all is OK right? Playboy would NEVER lie to you, all of the women they get are built in a factory since they are all the same size.

Obviously its mostly about the tits for Playboy.

What about the girls out there with a nice ass and no tits? An ass is something that you can enhance in only 2 ways. 1. Exercise till you drop and your ass cheeks hurt so much its sheer agony to sit on the toilet. or 2. Padded underwear. ALL women are GUILTY of checking out other women. Sizing her up, and wondering if that woman SHOULD be allowed to wear the outfit she is sporting that day. Lots of women out there SHOULD NOT.

You have chicks with flat asses, no asses, shelf asses, well endowed asses, the J-Lo ect.. The names are endless.

You really have to work for a nice ass too. It's not like a set of boobs that you can pick out from a series of photos in a surgeons office. So then why don't they have a magazine exclusively to show off a chick's ass. I KNOW Playboy does flaunt it a bit...but not as much as the upper half. Unless there are OTHER magazines out there that flaunt them much more. *usually the kind that has 'spooge' or other happenings going on about it*-Usually the kind of magazine that you open and go :"holy shit!" and promptly close it, because you have been scarred for life and will forever see that image in your head every time you close your eyes.

So WHY do guys like one or the other? Is it just a preference? Something on a more deep personal level? All married men will tell their wives that they like the whole package *which is bullshit*. Pay attention to what they fool around with more. You'll see. Ever try to ask the question of : "honey? do you like my boobs? or ass better?" You get this blank stare, see the wheels grind and if it takes more than 5 seconds, they have FAILED the question. The beatings will then commence.

Scott once told me if he had his own set of boobs like a woman, he would NEVER leave the house. Are all guys like that? Or was he just teasing me? What if guys wanted a nice ass? Would they sit around the house and play with their ass all day too? So what is so exciting about T&A? Is it just a sex thing or what?

Posted by Ellen at August 04, 2002 07:47 PM

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