August 04, 2002
Kitten Update

Yay!! This kitten is finally starting to get used to me. It now drinks from a bottle with no problem. We have to feed kitten every 2 hours for the next several days.

I also got the knack to make it potty without lots of fuss. I was up 2x's with kitten last night. We went to be at 1130, up by 2 then again at 4 and 8 for feeding and potty breaks. *which yes, after 2 weeks of this, until it gets the hang on its own, can take its toll on you. BUT once you have gotten used to it. Your body will wake up at those hours and YOU are the one to poke that kitten awake and say, "hey! time to eat and potty!"

It also purrs...well kinda. It's having a hard time starting its motor. A normal cat is like puuurrrrrrrrrrrr *never ending-sometimes a pulsling purr is heard* but this kitten goes pur..pur...purrrrrrrr...pur. Then there is some sort of popping noise as if it has backfired and needs to start all over again.

Kittens always amaze me. Especially ones this small. They don't even look like cats. Scott has posted Coconuts 3 hour old photo on this site before. Hunt it down and check it out. They are very tiny and delicate, yet they bounce when they roll over the wrong way. Very wide faces, big noses and very round little head.

My favorite part to watch grow on a kitten is the ears. They make me melt. To watch a kitten grow from day one is just amazing. Especially if you are very involved with it. You notice the ears start on the side of the head. They are closed and are velvety soft. As they get older, the ears start to open and actually migrate to the top of the head! * The whole head and face begin to reshape and they actually start to look somewhat cat-like at about 2-3 weeks old. At 4 weeks, they are in the *lift-step* mode.

This kitten still has its umbilical cord. Eventually it will fall off. It also has small puffy feet. They are not cat feet yet. They are small and puffy and it's nails are still hanging out. Can't pull them in yet.

All I can say is that this kitten resembles a sausage with legs. A loud sausage with legs. Or maybe its a cocktail weiner right now.

I will keep you posted as time goes on.

Posted by Ellen at August 04, 2002 08:54 AM

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