July 31, 2002
Ok, So Even My Religion Can be Weird Sometimes

I'm a buddhist. I think it's a rational, relevant, well-thought-out religion that works extremely well in this modern age. But it seems that no matter what spiritual totem you happen to subscribe to, there's always some wackos in the woodpile. Christians have snake-dancing fundies, muslims have "Islamikazes", Jews have... well, I don't know what Jews have but I bet it's nowhere near as strange as Thai buddhists worshiping on a compound with a spaceship. In Thailand. With a spaceship. No, it's not a typo.

Posted by scott at July 31, 2002 09:01 AM

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That is interesting news! Are you a practicing Buddist or merely a one in theory. I can't get the article to download so I can find what is weird about your religion.

Posted by: Pat Johnson on July 31, 2002 04:05 PM

I just read the article in Slade Magazine. The world does indeed get stranger and stranger everyday. Maybe it has always been this weird, I am just now finding out about it. I have subscribed to Slate on line for a year now. They have some really interesting views on things. Geo. W. is in for some special scrutiny.

Posted by: Pat on July 31, 2002 06:21 PM

This is a funny and well written story, but I had to check out the spaceship. http://www.dhammakaya.or.th/tour/cetiya1.htm

This building (when and if completed as planned) will have one million personal Buddha images, will last for 1,000 yrs.,will hold 100,000 - 200,000 people, cover an area over 40 acres and be the largest public building in the world.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

Posted by: Jennifer on August 1, 2002 11:17 AM

Cool! Thanks for the note!

You should see some of the churches the Fundies put up in the south. Monstrous things with acres of asphalt parking and a 100 ft square flashing sign to display messages to the unbelievers driving by on the highways (they're always located next to highways for some reason).

Posted by: scott on August 1, 2002 12:03 PM
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