July 22, 2002
My NEW Job

I got the positon at the cat hospital!!! :) I start August 12th! Cool right! I am going to pass out. I have always wanted to work excusivly with cats. This is a good thing. Now all I need is a body peircing or tattoo to celebrate my new change in life!

Posted by Ellen at July 22, 2002 04:40 PM

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Posted by: Pat on July 22, 2002 05:25 PM

Congratulations!!! Woohoo!!!

A cat tattoo?!

Posted by: maru on July 22, 2002 08:30 PM

Yup. She's already commissioned an artist to create one for her. Right after he decals the cat skeletons on her car. Gotta love her... :)

Posted by: scott on July 23, 2002 12:36 PM
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