July 19, 2002
Another Arkansas Church-ism!

Churches, especially in the south, will advertise anything! Including the pancake breakfast held before or after church on sundays.

Now that I remember correctly. A baptist church in Arkansas had written or rather stuck the letters on its billboard : Forbidden fruit makes for bad jam!

Pretty southern huh? Not like us italian NY-kers that are mostly Roman Catholic and standing in line with a one way ticket to hell. We just walk into a booth, tell the priest some personal dirt and have to recite over and over and over again some chant, *that I can no longer really remember- there were 5, I think* and VOILA! instant goodness, until you walk out side and say the lords name in vain because something stupid just occured.

Anyhow, I'm off topic. I have never seen a church in NY with a billboard out side its church advertise anything except the times of worship. Though it would be funny to see what they would say. Example : 2 for 1 deal on sins! or something else...

Posted by Ellen at July 19, 2002 09:07 PM

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