July 12, 2002
More New Stuff

Just when you thought we couldn't cram any more sh*t onto the margins, we get clever and do it anyway! On your left, you'll notice a new "tell us about it" section. Use it if you find something you think would fit amongst all the other "science fiction, cats, and anger" stuff we put up, want to propose a "guest author" gig (we do it sometimes), or if you just want to give us some feedback that may not be appropriate to a particular story.

On your right, we've got "other cool sites", currently linking to our favorite goths (who have not yet stopped coming up with clever ways to get Ellen to spend my money), and also the "blogs of note" section got spruced up a bit.

You can also "havabutton" of ours to use if you choose to link to our site (hint, hint).

Now you've got two two two ways to tell us how full of sh*t we are! :)

Posted by scott at July 12, 2002 04:50 PM

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