July 09, 2002
Let Me At Her!!!!!

This is one sorry sick fuck. I hate people that do shit like this.

You know that her psychotherapist is going to connect it to some odd child hood sexual abuse bull shit. Scott is telling me that this 'reeks of mental illness". Do I care right now? NO. What I care about is some poor ass cat had a very nasty end to it. Fuck mental illness. Can I explain all of my quirky behavior as mental illness? *well..wait I can. Bipolar! Bipolar-> its all chemical..its not you, it's your brain*

Can I fucking choke her and bake her ass in the oven? Why the fuck didn't the neighbor go rescue the poor thing after he saw what she did? No wait, why didn't he go beat the living shit out of her till her brains decorated her lawn? I would of.

People amaze me..amaze me. This is one of the reasons I want OUT of the veterinary buisness.

Posted by Ellen at July 09, 2002 08:45 PM

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OMG - that's just... evil! You have to wonder that the neighbor didn't try to stop her....

Posted by: Lady Phoxxe on July 10, 2002 04:51 PM
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