July 08, 2002
Something for Ellen

Found this "neopets" thing while randomly cruising the internet. Sort of reminds me of the picachu thingy she had going on my computer years and years ago. Yet another ridiculously cute item to crowd up her computer screen. Enjoy!

Update: found it on BitsOfKittyLitter, another blog! :)

Posted by scott at July 08, 2002 01:21 PM

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ooooo!!!!!! I went and d/l one! *yesh! its a cat! but its got antenas!!!!! watch out!!!! its an alien kitty!*

BTW- ted said he wants some bug antenas. so we have to thing of somthing and paste it to his head. Cause what ted wants, ted gets.

Posted by: Ellen on July 8, 2002 03:21 PM
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