July 07, 2002

The "new metal created" post marked our 500th entry, the site is now 6 months old, we're getting 141 visits per day, have had nearly 9,000 visitors since March, and served more than 36,000 pages in the same period. June was a record-breaking month and we're on track to beat that one in July.

We'd like to thank all of you who take time out to visit us every day, and hope to bring you more of the best damned content on the web as we climb toward our first anniversary.

Want to help us break our previous records? Send one person a notice about our site, or e-mail a story to someone. If you run your own weblog, send an email to us and we'll talk about cross-linking.

We'd be nowhere without our fans, so thanks to all of you again for stopping by!

Posted by scott at July 07, 2002 09:51 AM

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