July 02, 2002
Vacation Woes

So we want to go on vacation, see? We haven't been anywhere other than this area and family areas (New York [scott sez UGH!], Arkansas [ellen sez UGH!]) since our Jamaica-mon wedding in 99. I'd like to go to Rome, see where the emperors used Christians to light their gardens. Ellen says "no, no, you want to see where my ancestors tossed your ancestors into pits with lions". This is Ellen's version of humor. :)

But the problem is that Rome is $$$. We're talking $2500+ easy, not including airfare.

So Ellen wants to go to an island. Any old island will do. As long as it has a beach with which she can do her imitation of a lizard and bask all day [blink... blink...] I say that's a cool way to get lots of fun skin cancer, plus we did that already. And it's not a heck of a lot cheaper than Rome.

So we thought about Iceland, but just for a bit. We can't find packages that are all that cheap, and I'm not so sure traveling somewhere cold for the summer is all that great an idea. Still, they advertise cheap packages on the radio every once in awhile, so this one's still on the short list.

Then we turned to Disney World. No, we don't have kids, but my mom thinks we're just barely grown up enough to take care of cats, so I guess we count as kids. Ellen hasn't been there in 10, 12 years, and I haven't been there in 25 years (yup mom, jeff, that was in 1978). So we did some serious research into that bit.

But then we both realized that we're trying to save up for a house this year, so now it looks like we may end up piggy-backing off a cousin's wedding in New Jersey. Ellen is happy because she gets to wear makeup and jewelry on the beach (Ellen: "what the hell is wrong with wearing makeup on the beach?!?") But it's in October, so not much beach fun then.

So we're kinda stuck. Looks like vacation is next year, but then Ellen has decided next year is baby year dammit (Ellen: "you have also agreed that next year is baby year" Me: "Yes mistress, whatever you wish mistress" [genuflect]), so traveling may be out then too.

Ah well. Enough navel gazing for today. Just wanted to vent for a bit :).

Posted by scott at July 02, 2002 04:55 PM

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I just want you all to know that we prolly WONT have a bay next year for several reasons:*though I would like one-but hey, do I want to eat and have a house to live in OR have a small human and beg and live in a cardboard box under a bridge- though now that I think of it, I could sell the kid and get some food and a house*
1. we are still poor, and probably will be for a LONG time.
2. we are not cool enough for kids, cause I play with cats and dogs for a living and Scott plays on the internet all day. SO we really DONT have jobs! We just get paid for our hobbies. Plus we suck at playing with kids.
3. How could we possibly leave our loyal groupies of this site, since we would be too busy with a small human and forget about you?
4. Scott wants a vacation in Italy.
5. Scott wants a vacation in Italy.
6. Scott wants a vacation in Italy.
7. Scott wants a kid someday.But not today, perhaps not next year. Perhaps someday.

Posted by: Ellen on July 2, 2002 05:15 PM

Poor is a relative term. I don't mean you have poor relatives. LOL

Posted by: Pat on July 3, 2002 10:58 AM
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