June 26, 2002
Could It REALLY Be a Ghost?

Ok, new game. It's called, "Can You Spot The Real Ghost". I found a site that supposidly has some pictures of ghosts on camera ect... But are they real or is it light refracting on the lense of the camera playing tricks on you?

I will fully admit I am a total believer in ghosts ever since a personal experience in New Jersey. NO, I did not see one. But some shit happened in our room that we could not explain. Might as well blame it on a ghost.

So ok, is this a ghost, or is it cigarette smoke?

Paranormal cat? or camera strap?

Mystery orb? or light refraction from the sun hitting the camera at an odd angle?

You get my point right? Most 'ghosts' seen on a camera are usually somthing that can be easily explained. There is the RARE instance that you will get somthing that the pros can even pathom what it is.

Nine times out of ten it is usually, light refracting off your camera because you failed to make sure you did not have light hitting the lense at a poor angle. Or it is the mysterious cigarette smoke *especially if that smoke is comming right below that camera lense!-hello, put cig out then take pic*, OR its that damn camera strap from a 35mm point and shot cam.

Keep looking at the piccies. Paranormal Phenomenon

Posted by Ellen at June 26, 2002 08:44 PM

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I like that stuff too - and dammit it's never something good like a devil or creepy ghost that you are certain is real. Like at the end of Disney's Haunted Mansion when green ghosts come sit next to you in your car. xoxoxo

Posted by: Maddy on June 28, 2002 08:36 PM
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