June 21, 2002
Just When I Thought I Had it Together

Just when I think I really do have something clear and cogent to say about the world, I read something like this, which is to my Pax Americanum what a battleship is to a canoe. Ah well, I guess it's God's way of making sure I stay humble. Very humble. Maybe there is something to this PhD stuff after all?

It's a good read, even if it's very long. People think I'm long winded, I got nothing on this guy. And don't get too upset by the first 1/3rd, as he changes course 180 degrees at that point.

Found it over at Prentiss Riddle's site.

Posted by scott at June 21, 2002 09:12 AM

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It isn't an article, it is a book. I gave up about half way through. I will go back and finish it but at least your writings can be read in one sitting.

Posted by: Pat on June 21, 2002 09:48 AM
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