June 01, 2002
What a Month

May was a tremendous month for us! Thanks so much to all of you for not only visiting, but coming back again and again. We had more hits in May than we did in the three months before combined. 67 visitors per day! We finally passed Mellie, whom I'm not even sure reads this site any more (update yer damned diary Mellie).

I'd still love to get discussions going, but we need more people. Tell you what. Howsabout you tell one friend about our site, just let them know we exist. Use the "email a friend" link to send a few stories out, and maybe reply to one story, or just send http://www.amcgltd.com to one friend. We're small enough right now that it would make a very real difference.

I know I end up sounding like a NASCAR driver, but we really do all this for you guys. It's the fans that keep us going!

And, again, thanks for visiting!

Posted by scott at June 01, 2002 08:18 PM

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