May 30, 2002
Hearing Voices

This day in history.
May 30 1431

Joan of Arc is burned at the stake, ostensibly because she "heard voices" and refused to wear female clothing. * compliments of The Rotten Daily*

  1. it was very bad in that era to wear stuff you just weren't supposed to.( cause you may just look better in those pants)*though, men of the church are allowed to wear dresses--oops! no no....cloaks*
  2. 'hearing voices' from God was an act of heresy, not what some people nowadays would call it 'mental illness'.
  3. a supposed 'prophet' *hey ya never know-but men did not like that idea for probably the sole reason that she was a girl!*
  4. canonized as a saint in the 1900's. wow, takes a long time to determine what makes a miracle real. * ya got to take a break between those poker games to decide important stuff ya know*

Though in my opinion, she was most likely mentally ill. People were very stupid back then- even more so than today, and they would believe anything. You don't see people now a days walking up to the crack-addict supposed prophet on the sidewalk proclaiming he is the second coming. If you do, find the nearest toilet and drown yourself. Schizophrenia and some forms of manic depression can cause delusions/illusions and voices.(where is Zyprexa when ya need it) Hell, and if you are smart enough, you get people to play along! You don't get tossed in some asylum to rot away(not yet at least)

But if it is all true that she was hearing the voice of god, no one would ever really know. Mainly because the church proclaimed her a heretic, therefore if you were a devout church follower, the church IS right. *or you go to hell- say your penance please*

No one will ever really know. I suggest you take it they way you want to see it.

Posted by Ellen at May 30, 2002 08:21 PM

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Very interesting! It has never been easy being a woman, at least now they(men) don't usually burn us at a stake. Of course women bashing is still a recognized sport. Ops, sorry politically incorrect opinion, must repeat my sensitivity training course. LOL

Posted by: Pat on May 30, 2002 09:21 PM
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