May 13, 2002
Terrible Horrible NO GOOD Weekend!

I hate weddings. Thats why I technically eloped. I hate planning them, I hate going to them, I hate being in them. I HATE weddings.

Brides forget things, important things. ( I'll leave it at that). Brides also fail to tell the girls in the wedding party that the hairdresser does NOT accept credit cards, nor do they remember to tell the makeup artist that one person from Virginia is comming up and that she has to get colors ready for her too. Not to mention getting up at 4am is not a good thing.

I got my husband to dance at least. (yes, Scott actually danced! and slow ones too!- I was IMPRESSED) My mother made me dance just about everyother dance with her. Put it this way, my feet f*&ckin hurt! Dancing in heels all day is hard on your feet. -but I will admit I had some bad ass neat looking shoes. (My alter-ego, LOLA picked them out- OH JHEA!!!)

I got to visit with my grandmother. She is a complete character in her own right, and is deaf as a post. My mother's cat Lovie, was entranced by her. Absoloutly in love. The cat never left her side the entire weekend. I also visited my dad and grandfather. It was also my younger brother's Holy Communion. (same day as the wedding, so you can imagine how tired we were)

We came home today. I got a good night sleep last night, but this is how tired I was. I went through the WRONG toll booth. Scott had to get out and walk to the toll building to get me a ticket for the Jesery Parkway. Its not over, get this. I then go down the WRONG exit! YES! I head NORTH again instead of SOUTH. Scott did not say a word, he just noticed he never saw that factory before. I was sitting there going, "How the F*&ck did I end up at exit 13?" Needless to say, I had to turn around and head south. Then I missed getting off at a rest area. Had to travel another 23 miles before the next one. Then (thank the gods) Scott took over driving.

I told you it was a bad weekend. To top it off, I still have to go to dance class tonight. There is severe weather warnings now until late tonight. Yeppers, we are in tornado watches again.( WEATHER UPDATE: good thing we are NOT on the road, Rockville just had a tornado touchdown and is now heading to Baltimore-I am glad I am not on the road right now getting caught in some rain and NOT have my camera)

I am home, thats all that matters. My cats missed me. I still have to do laundry and unpack. BLEH!

Posted by Ellen at May 13, 2002 02:54 PM

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Please note, my wife is not greatful that we are off the road during awful storms because they would threaten our lives, but because she didn't have her camera and couldn't take pictures. Of the storms. That might kill us.

Pray for me folks, pray for me.

Posted by: Scott on May 13, 2002 03:42 PM

But E did you have a good time. ROTFLMAOPIMP
Glad you are home mostly unscathed. Wish I was there to do your laundry.


Posted by: Pat on May 13, 2002 06:09 PM


Sounds like you had a great time at the wedding. I'm sooooo glad you did and so glad you
where there for us. I would of thank you but I must of forgot.

Posted by: christine on June 18, 2002 08:40 PM

HAHA...Murph :P

I want photos!!! I know I shot several of them from the table! :)

Posted by: Ellen on June 18, 2002 08:55 PM
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