March 24, 2002
How Do You Keep Kitty from Dragging in Gross Stuff? Science.

Sometimes, even geeks like cats, but not what they drag in. I swear if one of ours drug something half dead in Ellen would praise the kitty and give the poor little critter either a) a home or b) a humane exit to reincarnation-land.

A slashdot comment from An Onerous Coward:
I'm surprised that the readership of Slashdot so easily accepts this encroachment on our personal freedoms. It starts out innocently enough, with a limited rollout of these privacy invasion systems in specific problem areas. But if we don't stand up now and demand an end to it, the freedom of cats everywhere to carry animals that they legally procured will soon be taken away.

Am I paranoid to imagine that this technology may someday be used in airports to keep cats from boarding flights while carrying small animals? Then what about bus stations? Churches? Restaurants? Hotels? Doesn't this amount to an illegal search by feline authorities? Where is the army of angry geeks to protest this behavior? Ahh, too busy bitching about Morpheus. I see where your priorities lie. Our founding fathers must be turning over in their graves.

Posted by scott at March 24, 2002 07:17 PM

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