March 21, 2002
Buy Your Own WWII Fighter Pt 2.

Here's a place that seems to be selling german WWII fighters. No cheap Russians here. The kit for a 190 will set you back more than $500,000. Flyaway price could be half again that much. Time to start buying lottery tickets. I want one. :)

I think it's very strange, all of this. The last of the original warbirds got expensive at the end of the 70s. Before that they were still all pretty much just sitting out in the desert at Chino Lake and other places, rotting waiting for a buyer to pay salvage prices. Incredibly, some still are. Nowadays they're multi-million dollar rich people toys and museum pieces, but incredibly you actually have more to choose from. Which is counter to common sense.

Of course, now that they're building the damned things new, we may never run out of them.

Posted by scott at March 21, 2002 12:14 PM

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