March 12, 2002

Ted likes chocolate. I like, no make that LOVE chocolate.

Ted likes icecream, but not more than me.

Ted has chocolate chips on his belly and will show them to you if you ask him. "Mr Ssipps, can I see your chocolate chips?" *Flops over and rolls*

*ok....Mr Ssipps is Ted's nickname. He really likes this Cat Ssips milk drink. thats why I call him Ssipps. Ok, you are prolly wondering WHY we spell is SS and PP? Well duh! It's how he would say it! SHEESH! Didn't you know he talks to me?*

~o/ Mr Ssipps ssipps ssipps, his name is Mr Ssipps!!! Oh yes it issssss, oh yes it issssss!!!!! Ssipps, ssipps, ssipps hi name is Mr Ssipps oh yes it is oh yes it is oh yes it isssssss!!!! /o~

Yes, I KNOW I am a bit too involved with this cat. Who isn't? Everyone LOOOOVVVES Ted. He rolls over and shows you his chocolate chips, he sits up when you ask him to *Thanks to Ted and Scott(who should not be me anything and has learned his lesson) I got a camera out of his tricks he has learned. Ted even jumps through a red hoop. What can I say, smart cat. *FOOD MOTIVATED!*

Did I mention Ted gives hugs? But only in the bathroom right after a shower or a bath. PLUS you have to wear the special bath robe for the hug too. I don't mean he just wants you to pick him and and give him a quick sqeeze. This is a genuine HUG! He puts his arms around your neck and rubs his face against yours *~10 minutes of this* and won't leave you alone after.

Ted is my schweeeeetie pie!!!! I LUV IT!!!!! YES I DO!!!!!!!!

Everyday is a challange for Ted. He has a heart condition called Tetrology of Fallot and PDA. Ted is on 5 different medications twice a day. Ted's frequent cardiology workups cost me $250.00 every time I walk in the door. His medicine alone costs me nearly $300.00 per year. I woulnd't change a thing. He is too special to me. Ted has surpased everyone's expectaions on life. Ted was only given a few weeks to months to live with his first cardiology visit. He was 6 week old when he got his diagnosis. Ted is now 2. I think he has done quite well.

Posted by Ellen at March 12, 2002 08:08 PM

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Ted is my most favorite Grandkitty! He really does sit up and jump through a hoop. I have pictures to prove it.

Posted by: Pat on March 13, 2002 07:21 PM
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