About Ellen:

There is not much to tell about me other than that I am a perpetually angry human that has a weird fetish for everything cat.

I suppose you are all wondering if I am a college graduate also? Don't worry, I can acutally DO something with my degree other than dig in the dirt and work at McDonald's.

I graduated in 1996 from SUNY Delhi with a degree in Applied Sciences and Veterinary Technology. I currently am a working licensed veterinary technician/certified veterninary dental technician. *Yeah, according to my family, I play with cats and dogs all day* I have worked in facilities as simple as a converted dairy barn that a vet turned into a hospital, to LEMSIP (Laboratory for Experimental Medicines and Surgery in Primates) to several veterinary corporate facilities. I still have not found what area I want to be in. *For all you PETA shit heads, I was a fucking husbandry worker at the lab. Next time you have a fucking family member or friend come down with hepatitis/aids ect... thank the fucking primates for being the study cases for your selfish asses*

I currently share my living quarters with another human (Scott, who says he is my husband. We were all drunk at the wedding OK? We just accept the fact that we are stuck together--pays the bills easier ya know) and my furry minions *aka-the cats* My daily activites include cleaning 5 litter pans, and making sure that no one has shit or pissed elsewhere in the house *This takes up a very LARGE quantity of my morning and evening rounds* I also have to make sure that Ajax and Teddy get their heart medication 2x's per day. NO, Scott does not do that. Not that he is lazy, he just thinks I make it look easier than what it is. Believe me, anyone can pill my cats the way I do. I suppose having an anthropology degree doesn't give him the skills for pilling cats.

I exercise alot. Too much, Scott says. Hey, it's good stress relief.

I have an oscar fish that wants me dead * Scott says it's like the south park goldfish, breathing on the tank and writing KILL KILL KILL on it*. Teddy tells me the fish plots my death on a daily basis cause I don't feed it enough.

As I said before, I LOVE anything cat. Ask Scott, the entire apartment is decorated in cat stuff. The more the merrier I say when it comes to cats. I have relatives and friends that look at me as if I have some deranged mental issue when it comes to cats. Scott says I suffer from the "Elmira Syndrome".

I like tattoos * I have one, a very large butterfly on my lower back*, and piercings * my bellybutton is done* Hopefully I will be getting my new tattoo this year. Of course it will be cats.

If you want to know more about me, I suggest you 1. email me and ask, or 2. sit down and shut the fuck up and just read the damn site!